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This game contains flashing imagery. A lot of it.


Polarity is an arcade style, top down shooter where the player not only controls the Magnet Ship, but they also control the Polarity of the ship and the game. The Polarity mechanic operates on the premise of Opposites Attract, hence the magnet theme. Switching the Polarity alternates between the colours Red and Blue, and knowing when to switch is vital to surviving the barrage of bullets from the randomly selected enemies. The goal is in the style of old arcade shooters, to get a highscore by surviving.

There are a multitude of enemies with a variety of bullet patterns that you as a player must face. And while the game can present itself as quite a challenge to begin with, it is a game that requires some practice to nail the Polarity switch mechanic.

It is a game that will leave you asking: Magnets, how the #$!@ do they work?


  • Polarity Switch
  • Randomised enemy spawns
  • Highscore system
  • Minimalist Arcade Graphics


Platform:  Windows 7 

Release Date:  24 / 06 / 2014

Price:  Absolutely Free

Resolution:  1280 x 720

Developer Bio

Hiya, my name is Sam "Battz" Batty, and I am a student currently enrolled in Media Design School in New Zealand. I am a first year in the Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Game Art Course). Polarity is a game I have made through my study, it is also the first game I have ever made and released to the public. With that in mind the game is a little rough and needs some refinement. 

However I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of making a game. And I hope you all enjoy playing.

Contact Info

You can contact me through my school email sam.batty@mediadesign.school.nz

Install instructions

Save the polarity.zip file.

Then place the executable and the save_score.ini file in a folder and run the executable.


polarity.zip 6 MB